Review of the actress films for adults Taylor Rain 

This name is familiar to lovers of real meat. Gifs “Taylor Rain” – another proof of the wonderful properties of the human body, because it just could not contain the anal and vagina of this actress. Rain is the goddess of dirty sex, she wails from her, but it is this craziness and readiness for everything that attracts her fans.

The actress was born in California, from the age of 20 she began to flash between the peasants in adult films. Rainy showed just an amazing effort and quickly entered into the taste of the new work. Especially if you’ve never been a good kid, you get used to such a life quickly.

Career Rain did not immediately develop smoothly. At first, she signed a contract with a large company, but a month later she broke it with a scandal. What happened there between them is known only to God. Taylor announced the end of filming in porn forever, but in fact just took a little timeout.

Weighed all the pros and cons, in 2004, Rein returned to the machine. She signed another contract and began to work like horse. Honestly, even the blood freezes in the veins, how much this girl knows how to be bad. Such tricks to get up – this is not a joke, and with her health, perhaps, because of this it was not all smooth.

Especially vigorously, the stars turned out scenes with anal sex and fisting. It can be safely said that all Rainy’s fees earned her hard-working back passage. Taylor Rain, porn gifs with which such piquant, sometimes embarrass even the most avid lovers of strawberries.

The vicious beauty of the goddess of anal sex did not go unnoticed. In 2005, the girl won a beauty contest “with her own”, becoming the owner of the title of the most beautiful porn actress.

After working hard (289 films in 4 years – this is not a joke to you), Rain decided to tie her own specific activities for the sake of creating a family. But the shock work left an imprint on her reproductive system – her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

Perhaps this trouble caused the moral fall of the actress in 2007. She fell for the spread of grass and driving in a drunken state. After spending three weeks behind bars, Rain rethought her life and returned to freedom completely different.




A series of black bands ended. Now Rainy is the mother of two daughters, she is tied up with her past and educates her children. And only porn animation “Taylor Rain” forever will remain a reminder of the stray years of an exemplary family woman.