Review of the actress films for adults Sasha Gray (Sasha Gray)

Who does not know Sasha? Sasha knows everything! And not surprisingly: the beauty managed to conquer the world with its deep inner world. The peasants adore her, the women call her a harlot, but Sasha-charm does not care. Talents of this young lady are forever immortalized in the world of the film industry 18+, as they say porn gifki Sasha Gray, who went all over the network. Well, true connoisseurs, let’s look even where none of the bulls has been shoved by the girl – into the soul of Marina Anne Hentzis?
As everyone has already realized, this is the real name of the star of a man’s wet fantasy. A girl was born in Sacramento in 1988, she was quite a happy child until her mother got married and the family moved to the south of the USA. The lustful stepfather soon began to look at the little temptress. Hentsis himself does not like to remember such things, but it is known that at the age of 16 Marinka disclosed to her mother all the cards, and the family (without her stepfather, yeah) returned to her homeland.

In childhood, girls dream of being doctors or teachers, no one is going to satisfy peasants at the camera. Sasha at 11 years was not a blunder: she pictured herself in the place of faded actresses of hot film. And after all, she eclipsed everyone, she waited for her time! Sasha Gray is the heroine’s porn heroine, at the age of 16 she knew exactly who she saw herself in life.

By the way, the sonorous nickname of the girl is the surname of the main character of the novel “Portrait of Dorian Gray”, she borrowed the name of Sasha from the frontman of the German group KMFDM.
The goddess of a strawberry in 2004 has moved to Los Angeles where grinded skill till 18 years. The active sucking reflex and the skills of extreme copulation at castings, of course, were appreciated by authoritative studios of adult cinema.

For the first three months of filming the girl has worked on the glory: she starred in more than 30 films. Gray during her career managed to light up in 300 strawberry rollers, but at 23 years old lady left the world of succulent members. Oh, SashaSasha, to whom did you leave us?

Since 2011, the actress leads a righteous lifestyle: erotic books, writes, makes hot DJ sets, Russian automotive testing (Lada Kalina broke to hell right at the start, but nothing). Self-development, an active life position! You can now deal with garbage for the rest of the day and not bathe. Vagina and all the other light-stretch holes Gray could earn a lot, a lot of dough.

The main thing is to enjoy what you are doing. So Sasha finished her every race. Gif Animation Sasha Gray will show you how you should love your work.