Review of the actress films for adults Monica Sweetheart

The Czech Republic is not only a delicious beer, but also hot girls, ready for anything. Monica Sweetheart, gifs with which show the full depth of talent of the lascivious beauty – one of the most striking European porn actresses. Despite the hot potatoes on the stage, it is associated with many people with cute and feminine.

Monica Rakotsieva was born (it is clear why the actress took a pseudonym) in Beroun. At 19 years old the young Czech realized that her vocation was to bring physical and aesthetic pleasure to the peasants. She decided to start with harmless model shootings, but soon she was drawn into an adult business.

Appearance of the girl immediately subdued fastidious directors. Green cat eyes and inexpressible grace beautifully complemented her whores and inclinations. In addition, her body was completely natural and did not require additional costs to increase the merits. From tatoo on Monica only lobster on the shoulder blade, no piercing and prostitute butterflies and pussies on all the prominent parts of the body. It was naturalness that conquered a lot of admirers, raging fire in the trembling hearts of the onanist.

Although a hot Czech and has no prejudices and taboos, its favorite thing is the rear-wheel drive of members. Then she falls into a real courage, and porn gifs “Monica Sweetheart” will help to make sure of this. She skillfully squirt and increases the humidity of the air with her juicy secretions, with pleasure joins in lesbian games.

After filming the fried from all sides the actress finds the strength to lead her own site. There she shares her pictures, tells jokes, answers the most active admirers and warms up the interest of the so excited public.

Sweetheart for a long time does not give up the position in the strawberry industry. Her work experience totals 15 years, but Monica still kicks from his occupation. She is a hardworking lady, managed to star in 464 porn films of all possible categories. Thanks to a slim figure and an ageless face, her most common role is a dissolute teenager. In the movies with her, it seems that she just got out of the class and decided to do fitness on a huge log of a strong boy.


Monica Sweetheart, porn animation with which will allow your imagination to be drawn to its fullest – not just a beautiful face, but also a queen of sex. She knows everything about the pleasures, and this not only helps her to earn a living bread, but also rejoices her lecherous soul. The Czech courtesan is approved by many ejaculations, you can not doubt.