Review of the actress films for adults Lupe Fuentes

No matter how popular the lustrous blondes, exoticism has always been out of fashion. Swarthy actresses of a teenage type, similar to Mowgli, do not often flash in 18+ films. Lupe Fuentes, gifs with which inflame any appetite – a flexible reed, with which that only did not do competent hands and penises. Her passion and ability to work admire, and these eyes are so tempting to sin.

Zuleidi Vergara was born in Colombia. The girl grew up in a poor family, lived in Tenerife until she was 13, then moved to Spain together with her parents. As soon as Zuleidi’s little leg entered the sultry land of Madrid, her life changed radically. The girl knew the joy of sex and began to give herself to more and more people. Her delicate physique and huge naive eyes were associated with innocence, but Vergara was still a scoundrel.

Somehow after finishing school, Zuleidi began to look for work. The post of waitresses or saleswomen did not interest the girl. She aspired to an adult business, already in this activity Vergara received many lessons from good Madrid guys. Becoming a prostitute was below the dignity of Colombia, so she sent out her resume on film companies 18+ and went to castings.

At first the young girl was desperately unlucky. Her teenage appearance did not attract famous studios who were afraid to hire a pedophile’s dream. Everything changed the meeting with the brothers-directors Lapihedra, with whom the newly-made Lupe muddied the group sex. Lustful family helped Fuentes get into business and star in the film “Submission”. In 2005, the girl took part in several films produced by the Lapihedra brothers.

Lupe Fuentes, porn gifs with which pleases the eye – a purposeful person. She actively starred in hardcore films, participated in erotic shows and in every possible way manifested herself. Already by 2006, the porn studios outside of Spain knew about her.

Lupe’s personal life was much less fortunate. In 2007, she jumped to marry Pablo Lapihedra, who was still an asshole. He used pictures and videos of his wife for their own purposes, having untwisted his own site with the help of her image of a youngster. The director was accused of pedophilia and almost imprisoned while Lupe proved her age at the age of 20.

Since 2008, Fuentes has gone on a free voyage, participating in solo strawberry projects. The girl loves anal and blowjob, for these lessons it can be found on almost every video. In 2010, the actress moonlighted as a prostitute, but quickly abandoned the case.


Lupe Fuentes, porn animation with which confuses even the experienced – depraved lady with complete lack of shame. Now the star has matured, and her role of the harlot girl has come to the back burner.