Kristina Rose

Review of the actress films for adults Kristina Rose

How long does it take to achieve your dream? Kristina Rose, gifs with whom such fascinating, can debate for a long time on this subject. And all the girl is good: both the face is pretty and the body is jealous of many women. Nevertheless, the way this candy to the pinnacles of pornography was not easy and twisty. How come, Kristie?

Now, when you enter the name of the little devil in the search engine, a whole bunch of entertaining sites come out. But this assistant in your needlework paid a lot for fame, damn it. She was just Tracey Queen Perez, she lived, did not grieve in hot California, luxuriated on the beaches, but suddenly the girl hit the head in the head. “I want to be a pornographic actress!” – says. From 18 to 23 years, Tracy tramped in the backyard of a favorite business, the admin on the site for adults. And when the ray of hope on the horizon of an ambitious American woman was almost extinguished, her life abruptly changed.


On the old work began troubles, but who would know that this is the point of departure. After the dismissal, the photographer became interested in the girl and soon the pictures of the naked nymph became her first portfolio. Purposeful Tracey in full swing pummeled the thresholds of a pile of porn studios, and she was finally accepted into the family. She only tried to become visible for years, that you can put a monument to patience in her honor. After all, the brisk little girl Kristina Rose, a porn gifs with whom are so nice for relaxation, since 2008 has become something more than a girl from California. She did not break, she won.

Rose is far from stupid, so she quickly made friends with such eminent stoned strawberries as Jenna Hayes and Alexis Texas. Babons have introduced an inexperienced actress in the course of the matter, now Tracy Queen Peres makes such monograms, which seems to fuck her from birth, not otherwise. Kristy is not afraid of anything and is not shy, because in her life she does not know anything else. And horse racing for males is the only way to earn a living with diamonds. Our chick is not without a touch of pride: I’ve got used to getting my money with my sweet place, but to sit around the peasants’ neck, and dear ones, to take – no-no.

The actress can satisfy the most diverse wishes of the viewer. Here she takes in the hole, here she herself sticks, twists, groans, sweetly squirt. Porn animation “Kristina Rose” – this is not just vulgar shots, it’s a whole art. It is not always easy to be a lady in this respect in all respects. How not to fall to the bottom, turning into a dirty whore? Ask Christina.