Review of the actress films for adults Kelly Madison


Do you often met porn actresses, who even at work did not cheat on their husbands? Kelly Madison, whose gifs is popular, is the story of a busty aunt who came into the business 18+ when all the actresses retire. This lady has concluded a successful creative tandem with hubby and she wanted to spit on all the rules and stereotypes of the porn industry.

Kelly Madison is 49 years old, but she looks rather cheerful for her age. She was born in California in an average American family. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, the girl received a good education, achieved all life’s heights. But then there was some kind of unknown crap, and everything changed.

The cousin of the future porn star was successfully filmed in adult films. The achievements of the relative were inspired by Kelly, who, being in high position in a computer company, decided to turn her life upside down. This sharp turn of fate at Madison occurred at the age of 33.

In the same year, she married her husband, a baby (he was only 22 at that time). The youth of the stinker and Kelly’s desire to become an actress played into the hands of a married couple: they created their own studio strawberries. Although the director’s experience with the lascivious commonwealth was little, they quickly unwound the matter. They invited the girls to her, one even lived with them for some time (especially talented, probably). Porn Gifs “Kelly Madison” – this is an unusual format already because all the delights of the actress is eaten by one partner – her husband. You involuntarily envy him and want to join a hot couple.

However, the actress does not disdain and lesbian games. Her liquid huge breasts so beckon the fiancé partners for sin, and the friendly vagina calls for adventure. During the family business (15 years) Kelly managed to fall in love in more than 200 films, while managing to direct. On her account 146 works.

Such a cozy-home format of the films did not leave the star without fame. She is a welcome guest at all thematic social events, accepts invitations with pleasure and shines with her impressive dignities.


Kelly Madison, porn animation with which such a bright and juicy, has time to frolic with her husband and out of filming. They were repeatedly taped behind the trawls in the car or in the secluded corners of the parks. However, this couple does not soar at all, because their family life grows stronger every year on a solid foundation of lust and mutual enthusiasm for business.