Review of the actress films for adults Katsuni

Lustful Vietnamese or a story about how instead of the degree of a professor of literature you get the status of a notable star gift. Gifs”Katsuni” – this is the whole story of the emergence of bright pornography. Madame “I want to finish in the face” left her faithful fans, but we’ll remember her again and again, wiping off the mean male … tear.


Céline Jóel Tran was born in France, and she is half French by birth. Thanks to this unusual combination, the girl has delicate features and a miniature figure. Selin was a smart child, so she was talking lightly from early snot in two languages ​​(English and French).

Mademoiselle Tran was very ambitious in her youth, because she wanted to become a professor of literary sciences, the lady easily entered the university. But as if Céline was not covered up by culture and education, the blaze of libido made itself felt. Without even having time to blink, the Vietnamese began to striptease, showing with delight to anyone who wants her dark-skinned body. Money flowed, and Celine no longer wanted to return to a meager scholarship with vague prospects in science.

In 2001, the lady finally smiled luck. She starred in her first film and realized that this is her vocation. Tran took the exotic name Katsumi, but did not spend long with him. Maria Katsumi (some kind of harmful woman) began to freak out that under her name the members suck and in the ass give, and began legal proceedings with the actress. In the end, all of the hemorrhoids turned into a change of pseudonym on Katsuni.

This incident did not greatly overshadow the everyday life of Celine Tran. Still: she starred in clips, strawberries, danced for VIP clients, moved to the US and became famous throughout the world. She adored her activity and with a smile gave herself to the most unbridled shooting partners (porn gifs “Katsuni” to you as proof). In short, this actress was one of the most elite davalkov in the world of pornography.

In 2006, Katsuni did not become original and increased tits. Not to say that this made it more popular, but gave self-confidence. Endless sex marathons did not stop the actress from setting up her own studio, where she taught the young ones to properly fuck on camera.

In the summer of 2013 old Katsouni announced the completion of her career. Now she’s having a good time, shooting insurgents and short films, doing boxing and shooting. And we will remember it such as porn animation “Katsuni” – shameless bitch, which is not afraid of accidentally tearing the anus under the pressure of an impressive member.