Review of the actress films for adults Jenna Presley

Porn actresses groan from the screens, wiggle their hips and shake their tits. And we believe them, not doubting that they are as good as they show it. But Jenna Presley, whose gifs is full of voluptuousness, never loved her work. Figured brunette throughout her career overcame herself, but the quality of the shooting material is never reflected. What kind of miracle is this woman, and how did she wind up in a hateful business?

Brittney Ruiz is 29 years old, a porn star was born in California. As a child, she was plain and plump, so this child was full of complexes. Ruiz did not call early years cloudless: she was raped at the age of 14, and in the pursuit of a slender body she nearly fell ill from anorexia. The unstable psyche of a young American woman led her to promiscuity and illicit strippers at the age of 15. Secretly from the parents, the baby ran to Mexico, where she put on a bright make-up and danced in front of pot-bellied drunks, raking in panties. And the further into the forest, the more terrible the wolves.

Brittney is still a masochist, because all conscious years she was engaged in what caused her to feel nauseous. In 2005, the bird was caught in a network of pornographers, but even the experienced eye of the writers did not see a falsity in it. After all, this nipple showed miracles of flexibility and lasciviousness, worked as a horse and did not spare herself. Of course, the catalyst for the work of art was money. The actress took the pseudonym Jenna Presley (the name of her favorite musician) and started gnawing her way through the unfriendly world of adult cinema.

The only mink Jenna, in which the mouse and did not hit – it’s anal. She categorically opposed this kind of sex experience, motivating it with harm to health and violation of hygiene rules. But what prevents to enjoy her first-class tradition, lesbian and blowjob, because porn gifs “Jenna Presley” and beckon for viewing. Madame planned to open her shooting business, but her idea was not destined to come true.

Moral swings actresses eventually brought her to a fierce protest against the former work. The American was fond of religion and joined a society that promotes the rejection of porn. Well, Brittney Ruiz is a godsend for religious fanatics, because women with complicated destiny and unstable psyche are so easily recruited.

Porn animation “Jenna Presley” causes two feelings: on the one hand, this action wildly excites, on the other – this crazy Madame causes a feeling of pity. We kindly hope that the fussy American woman has finally found herself and is happy. And we once again walk around the look and hands of her work in pornography.