Review of the actress films for adults Jayden Jaymes

If you have not heard about this brunette yet, you do not know anything about the strawberry. Jaden James, porn gifs with whom you check out right here and now – this is a mastodon of adult films, the pride of the industry. The girl has made such a dizzying career that most of her colleagues still suck and suck for this. What is she, this hot starlet?


Michelle Lee Mayo was born in sunny California. Swarthy little girl from early age was beautiful, engaged in ballet, well studied, loved to be active. This polite and cute child was the pride of the parents. For the time being, until the time. Michel successfully graduated from school and entered the college without any problems. But the girl did not have an economic business. On pairs, Lee Mayo believed the raven and thought of more piquant things. To the horror of her parents, Michelle abandoned the accounting and went on a striptease.


Flexibility, worked out for years in the ballet school, was useful to Michelle. She famously danced naked, in the intervals was shot in frank photo shoots. But this quickly bored her, the girl began to look for ways to penetrate into the porn business.

An active, charismatic brunette with a beautiful body and a huge desire to work immediately won the right people. She fucked like last time in her life, sucked so that the sparks flew, it is no wonder that in a short time the new name of Jayden James became recognizable. The actress took on all the projects, but how she managed everything and did not go mad, will remain a mystery.

The popularity of the American star is also explained by its sites. The actress was not lazy to lead a whole network of blogs, in which she confessed with fans and sent the newest pictures. The army of admirers increased, fees grew exponentially.

Gifs “Jaden James” gives out the master of his craft. In a world with a huge pressure of competition, this lady stood up and showed who is Dad. At first, many eminent pornomachs tried to take her under their wing, but Jaden herself who you want to teach. This sex machine was shot in more than 400 films, but she kept a smile like an innocent girl – timid and sweet. Maybe, even this collapse of mimicry and the reputation of the whore made this actress so sexy.

Despite an impressive seniority, the adult movie star is not going to leave the business. Porn animation “Jaden James” has found its fans around the world, so settle down and appreciate the efforts of the burning brunette. It’s worth attention, really.