Review of the actress films for adults Bobbi Star

A feminist with a penis in her mouth, a whore from high society, an educated courtesan … As soon as they did not call Elizabeth Evans or Bobbi Star, gifs with which excitement fires. Let’s find out more closely this controversial woman.

Elizabeth Evans is a native of California, 33 years old. The future lady-horseman of members of all colors in a decent family was brought up. In her youth, her lips caressed only her oboe, and her fingers briskly touched the piano keys. She would know then where her handles and mouth are useful! However, she was not a boring drunkard either: she liked to frolic with the assortment of a sex shop and participated in role-playing games.

The future of Bobbi Star at the beginning of her career began to get carried away filming naked, collecting compliments and lascivious looks. She saved money to start a business, but fate decreed otherwise. In porn films, Elizabeth-Bobbi got “on the brunt”. One influential acquaintance brought her with the right people and at the age of 23 the actress showed all her charms and talents of sex craft. A stern-eyed old woman, Star, entered the world of 18+ films with serious intentions: she was fucked bound and whacked whips to the right and left. Although her appearance, as they say, on an amateur, with her courage and insatiable holes, she paved the way to fame and money.

Bobbi Star, porn animation with which inflames all the baser desires, managed to bring trouble to the ranks of feminists. But how, sucks and jumps on the members, but imagines himself free and independent, women’s rights shake. So an example to follow. But the actress does not lose heart, gets pleasure during work and advocates sex.

Worker Bobbi managed to make happy the audience in more than 500 films, but recently her enthusiasm has shifted to another direction. The reverse side of strawberry films are sores of working organs, stretching and other unpleasant things. Of course, a gynecologist in such a business is necessary as air. Therefore, Bobbi Star in the near future plans to become a qualified “pussydoctor.” This is commendable, because gutta-percha whores in porn are still more than intelligent doctors. The weight of gold is such specialists, so we wish good luck to Dr. Elizabeth.

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