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Parents of porn stars have correctly noticed – it was given such that Audrey did not have to break his head over a pseudonym. The future starlet was born in California, although she is of the nationality she is a Spanish with German origin. By the way, while throughout the world the peasants are whistling for the sighs of Bitoni, the close stars – neither sleep nor spirit. That’s really someone who needs to take master classes on stealth.

Young Audrey twisted a close friendship with the girl, with whom she indulged in lesbian love. But my friends quickly smiled: fan of sex, why not earn it on it? Prostitution, of course, is bad, but porn – this is what you need! It is said – done, the girls sent the pictures to the agencies and in 2006 they entered the path of creativity.

Without investment in business has not been. Give the actress charm and charm (and raise the salary, yeah) helped silicone breast 4 size. Sponges also instill doubts in their naturalness, but Bitony is afraid that this mother nature was rewarded by the “salt”.

Do you still think that porn actresses are drug addicts and alcoholics? No! Audrey (and many of her other colleagues in the shop, by the way) protects her body as a sanctuary. Of course, whoever has not been there with his censer, but the fact remains: only the HLS. The actress weaves vegetables and fruits, so always so cheerful and radiant. Porn Audrey Bitony gif animation shows – nothing superfluous in the figure, only a solid aesthetic pleasure.

Follow the silhouette of the actress helps a personal professional photographer. Almost every month, Audrey sparkles in front of him indecent places and then compares – whether there was an extra fold. It is convenient, especially if for friendship – free and sincere.

Although hot spaniard and far from the same Sasha Gray with her 500 roles in porn, but Audrey is still in the business, pleases connoisseurs in 208 films. Catch up, Bitony, you’ve been in art for 9 years, after all!


The actress herself admits that she adores her activities, likes lascivious looks, and in general the best work is a good (very good!) Paid hobby. “Audrey Bitony” – porn gif animation with lesbian, suckers, cumshots and creams, choose for every taste.