Review of the actress films for adults Asa Akira

The international world of porn has long learned to satisfy the whimsical tastes of viewers. If you want – keep blowjob blond nymph, you want – double penetration of Asian. Gifs “Asa Akira” will bring up any onanist, anyway, because the passions of this eastern maiden do not hold. How did this star become a lustful sky?

Asa (Takigami) Akira was born in New York. As a child, a small Japanese woman was forced to wander from America to the Land of the Rising Sun with her parents. She received education in the US school, so she has an American mentality. Hence the absence of squealing-squeaks on the camera, which is famous for pornographic actors of Eastern origin.

After school, slender beauty Takigami settled herself as a stripper. In addition to pirouettes at the pole, the girl had many more things to do: she managed to work as a radio presenter and was shot in photo shoots. And all this was not particularly for her, she was constantly looking for her niche.

The ability to fuck not that with a spark, but with fireworks pushed the Japanese to actor’s swallowing members and professional licks pussies. Especially Asa loved to indulge the girls. From the first clip this hot brunette won the calling and respect of the public. She could do dandelion, she also took double penetration with enthusiasm.

The special charm of Asa Akira is the ability to show in the frame not only a passionate pussy, but also love. She like no one else knows how to look at a partner with trembling and affection, her kisses scream about sincerity. Such a serious actor’s approach will give odds to many cold-blooded merchants of Japanese beauty. Therefore, porn gifs “Asa Akira” fascinates all lovers of the genre 18+.

In 2012 the starlet went under the crown. Her husband was not looking for a long time – it was her partner in the movies, the sexy stallion Tony Rebes. You can not doubt that the couple is associated with much in common and on the left they will not want to go. After all, who else will submit such a tasty portion of “fuck” as not at home with Rebes-Takigami?

During her career, the starry Japanese managed to light up in more than 450 films. And this is not its only merit. The girl managed to stage 8 porn films, very hot and popular.


Porn animation “Asa Akira” will once again show that this Japanese woman does not miss. The chic body is its main source of income, therefore it keeps it as the apple of the eye. The actress knows that sports, proper nutrition and hot sex will allow her to continue to drive crazy fans.