Review of the actress films for adults Aria Giovanni

Pompous Italian does not need a man in order to arouse his audience. A juicy candy with lesbian inclinations long ago declared itself, so much so that even after leaving porn, it remained in the memory of lovers of tender porn. Aria Giovanni, gifs with which pleases the eye – the person is interesting. She does not regret showing her voluminous tits, caressing the pussy on the camera, but letting a man in front of witnesses – shamelessness and filth. These are the double standards.

Aria Giovanni was born in California. As a child, the little Italian had a quiet temper: she sat at home, read, and was fond of science. She was the one who was hypocritical, so Aria had almost no friends. After graduating from college, Giovanni started working in an educational institution. The sex teacher was not satisfied with the size of her salary, so she began to actively seek out income on the side.

Sweety Aria with an impressive bust fell to the taste of photographers, she posed for 18+ magazines, and on her page laid out candid videos and photos.

Soon, proposals were sent to work with the mouth and body on the camera. Sultry Giovanni agreed, but the snob character also made itself felt – with peasants no-no. The career of the Italian quickly gained momentum. Her piquant solos, games with girls, beautiful underwear and a bomb figure began to bring such an income, which Aria did not even dream of. In 2000, the actress became the “pussy of the month” by Penthouse, her photos flashed on the covers, and video with her to a whole generation of teens helped to cope with their restless riser. Porn animation “Aria Giovanni” is a spectacle, which is quite enough to stain the napkins.

Italian for the whole career had time to participate in many interesting projects, while she never spent money on the services of a manager. Such self-discipline and dedication can only be envied. As Aria admits, now she likes to spend time in the company of books and a glass of red wine. There were too many people in the life of a sexy actress, her introvert nature hardly endured human fuss. Having dug up the money and bought a beautiful mansion, Giovanni can now breathe a sigh of relief – she was left alone.
Beauty and intelligence did not help Aria make personal happiness. She was once married, but the couple quickly fled. Since then, the actress has not climbed into a swamp called “family life.” However, she and her husbands are quite good.

Aria Giovanni, a porn gifs with which both girls and boys are fond – can work well. And even in such a specific case as shooting in adult video, she never degraded and did not fall into the mud with her face. There are a lot of hot chicks in a strawberry, but Giovanni is taller than them – she is a queen of eroticism.