Review of the actress films for adults Angel Dark

American women have long become the face of world porn. But what do you say about hot slovak women who know how to fuck no worse than their american collaborators? Angel Dark, whose gifs is a mixture of lust and the beauty of a natural female body, can lift the mood. This girl smirks at the camera, but her closet is already bursting with skeletons. Yes, and that’s amazing, because the profession requires.

Victoria Knezova was born in Sobrant in 1982. This pretty child was the hope of parents, the baby was well trained and behaved about herself. For the time being, until the time.

After she got older, Vika began to work for a living as a barmaid and a barmaid. The girl’s growing appetite could not satisfy those miserable pennies she received as “bring-feed”. Knezova was better able to give, and this skill has been valued very well since ancient times.

The happy star smiled at the girl on one of the castings. Her pretty face, elastic tits and ass conquered one influential in this sphere uncle. Vika became Angel Dark, porn gifs with her began to be quoted on the Internet, atris actively took on mouth and substituted all of its holes. The lack of money is over.

The Slovak pseudonym has not the most positive story. Even at the dawn of his career, Knezova became pregnant. Brought a healthy girl, she gave the child to the orphanage. New parents gave the baby an angelic name, negligent mother took a similar pseudonym. Dark is a reference to the Gothic culture, to which Knezova feels special feelings.

Since 2002, Angel did not spare her body and dignity, taking part in the most insane orgies born in the minds of enterprising directors. Money flowed the river, the actress worked without resting her mouth and legs, but there was trouble. After three years of active fucking, Vika seriously got sick kidneys, then she had to take a time-out.

Having come back, Dark returned to her usual job in 2010. She is so talented that among a string of accessible and artistic women she was not forgotten. The return of the hot Slovak was triumphant, she completely immersed herself in her favorite craft. The usual rituals – cumshots, crempies, group sex, lesbian, anal. Vika performed all the whims of the stage group, and did it with taste.

Angel Dark, porn animation with which excites the member – a beautiful actress of an adult genre, who did not want this glory. But with such external data it is impossible, because if you rake in loot, be kind to be honest with yourself and your loved ones. After all, “and the fish eat, and on the penis sit down” only in fairy tales happens.